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Our Story

Compare & Build was formed as a direct response to provide homeowners with reputable building contractors that can undertake repairs and large home improvement projects.


The founders of Compare & Build have carried out various repair and refurbishment projects on their own homes and found it extremely difficult to find reliable contractors, despite being professionals within the building industry. Contractors provided quotes that were very different from one another for the same job, specifications would vary considerably from one contractor to another if a specification was provided at all. 


It truly takes a lot of time and technical knowledge to compare and evaluate quotes effectively. We found ourselves wondering, that someone without any knowledge and experience of the building industry, would find it almost impossible to accurately evaluate and compare quotations.


The irony is we know there is a better way to Property Repairs and Improvement Works efficiently, as we have been doing it for decades in the commercial sector. This was the basis of forming Compare & Build, to bring the efficiency of how projects are conceived and delivered professionally to homeowners, saving you time and money.

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About us

Bringing the efficiency and security of how projects are conceived and delivered professionally to homeowners


Our Expertise

Compare & Build is founded by building surveyors, project managers and engineers with decades of experience delivering professionally procured commercial building projects. We understand the importance of preparing comprehensive project specifications, undertaking a competitive tender process, and ensuring a contract is in place to protect all parties.


Undertaking a competitive tender process is the most effective way of securing suppliers and contractors that have demonstrated their ability to deliver projects to the required specification at the appropriate cost. This is the reason why a competitive tender process is the ‘go to’ method for procuring suppliers and contractors in the professional sector to ensure successful project outcomes.


We are bringing the efficiency and security of how projects are conceived and delivered professionally to homeowners by putting all our customer projects through a competitive tender and evaluation process.

Our Ethos

Compare & Build mission is simple, to provide a reliable service for all your home repairs and improvement projects that will save you time, money and protect you against any unforeseen circumstances. 


Our ability to see beyond simple solutions by working with and understanding our customers, by considering the big picture as well as the details, by pushing boundaries, and by thinking laterally to find connections that others fail to make. In short, by having the best technical experts, thought leaders and digital innovators to create outcomes which enhance value for you.

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