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Become a Partner

Home to suppliers that have proved they are the best at what they do – be a cut above the competition

Why Compare & Build..

Compare & Build are revolutionising the way in which we carry out home improvement projects. We are bringing the efficiency and security of how projects are conceived and delivered professionally to homeowners by putting all our customer projects through a competitive tender and evaluation process.


How it Works..

Compare & Build match our customer projects to suppliers based on the project criteria. Suppliers will be invited to tender for projects if shortlisted. Compare & Build will provide Suppliers with an outline project specification, together with customer details to support suppliers in production of a quotation. Suppliers simply upload the project information and quotation for our specialist team to review.


Compare & Builds specialist team will evaluate all supplier quotations on cost and quality and score each supplier quotation. Our professional evaluation will be sent to or customers with our recommendation to award.


The contractor can then start to plan the project in accordance with the project documentation

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