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Bridging the gap between the professional sector and homeowners

Updated: May 18, 2021

Compare & Build are professionals in the property and construction sector, and we want to bring the efficiency of commercial projects to the homeowner. We understand value in technology, and we have a structured approach to delivering projects large or small. We focus on understanding the project and identifying the key requirements. It’s about clear thinking, smart objectives, structured processes, market insight and creating value that really matter.

Our process has been honed to provide clear and consistent stages. Each stage is designed to optimise value and refine project requirements, which allows us to meet your project objectives.

Our mission is simple, to drive down the cost of property and building work by producing a professional specification for every project which we will competitively tender so you can compare quotes on a like for like basis.

What makes us different from the rest is that each project will go through a detailed evaluation process, scoring each quote based on their price offer and quality of work. Scored evaluations will be presented to you so you can select your preferred contractor knowing that they have been assessed to meet your needs.

With Compare & Build you will always have peace of mind. Our framework of Contractors are vetted for: insurance cover, industry accreditation, work references, financial stability, health & safety and we will ensure a contract is put in place for your project so you are never at risk. Compare & Build is a Free Service that truly creates Value For Money and was created out of a need for an easier, and more predictable pricing and project structure required for building related projects for domestic developments.

We want to change the inefficient way we currently carry out domestic home maintenance and improvement projects. Which can result in people overpaying for projects, leaving them unprotected financially and contractually with contractors, receiving poor quality finishes and ultimately unsatisfied with the whole project.

We manage the whole process

We are NOT a glorified yellow pages! We believe that reputation is earned. Our specialised knowledge means that we understand the issues you face and how we to deliver value for you. We will deliver the best solution and support your project every step of the way. Solving every problem. Explaining every strategy. Clarifying every complexity. Putting every concern to rest. And staying focused on your goals.

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